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Associate Creative Director (AD): Art Boonklan

Associate Creative Director (CW): Jeff Good 

Design/Illustrator: SangHun Lee

ECDs: Joanne Scannello, Jeff Vinick

The last thing people want to do is watch videos or read articles to educate themselves. Who has the time? So we created the most seamless and effective way to put financial lessons into practice; by engaging users on a daily basis. Perhaps people can learn how to improve their financial lives while having a bit of fun at the same time.


MOBOT was effectively your financial buddy that actually served up daily challenges that could help you save money while educating you at the same time.


MOBOT is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable about finances while having a sense of self -awareness that allowed it to be humorous and META. Think WALL-E meets Bill Nye the science guy!


We created these simple, mini challenges that help people realize that the small actions they take each day can have a big impact on their overall financial health.

Ranging from saving money to preparing for the unexpected, these challenges help people to help themselves, one day at a time.


Rather than the standard "Watch now, do later." idea of financial education, we created real-time daily interactions. MOBOT would check in every day for a week and prompt if they had done what was asked of them in the challenge and rewarding them with some encouragement to keep going!

“By creating daily real-world challenges,
Mobot changed people's financial behavior in real-time.”

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