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PNC Bank + Donor's Choose



Associate Creative Director (AD): Art Boonklan

Associate Creative Director (CW): Jeff Good

Art Director: Rachel McCuen

Copywriter: Dean Coots

ECDs: Joanne Scannello, Jeff Vinick

The most transformative years of our lives are the ones spent in a classroom. For many of us, those cherished memories of the teachers who were there for us when we needed them are unforgettable. The kindness and generosity they show sticks with us long into adulthood and help to shape the person we become.


For this spot for Donor's Choose, we wanted to genuinely reunite a former grade school student with the teacher who made the biggest difference in her life and show that we all have a part in helping to guide the next generation. With Donor's Choose, we can help those who help bring out the best in us — our teachers.

“To fully capture the most genuine moment of the reunion, we didn't reveal when — or even if — the reunion would even happen.”

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